Community involvment report 2013

All the protagonists of this year`s stories are people who proved that IT CAN BE DONE! And people who transformed their daring plans into impactful projects.

We invite you to discover their stories, to team up with them and to become one of the collective author to the common good, through your recommendations and encouragement!

ACTIVE communities

How the members of the ACTIV Moinești Association managed to develop the local community by organizing a mountain bike competition.

The Activ Moinești Non-Governmental Association is part of the NGO network founded with the help of Petrom or receiving support from the company.

The idea of the Association took shape in the fall of 2010; then, in 2011, as part of the activities carried out on the occasion of ”The Cultural Days of Moinești Municipality”, it became a reality. In the beginning, we took it as a game, where three friend were trying to spend their spare time in a different way: to volunteer, to get involved in community issues, to support youngsters by providing an alternative of spending free time – in short, to become ACTIVE”, says Luminița Bănașu, Petrom representative and a founding member of the Activ Moinești Association.

Due to Activ Moinești and Petrom, numerous community projects have been implemented in the Moinești – Zemeș area. Some of the most important are: entrepreneurial education workshops, vocational formation courses, fairs promoting local manufacturers or prevention and safety campaigns.

As of 2012, Petrom and Activ Moinești, together with the local authorities, started MTB Moinești – Zemeș, one of the most attractive mountain biking competitions in Romania. Hills, mountains, forests and difficult oil road conditions – the perfect landscape for a mountain biking competition. The aim of the contest was to emphasize to the greatest extent possible the beauty and the touristic potential of the area.

Over 80 people attended the second edition of MTB Moinești-Zemeș competition, held in October 2013, and their testimonials are relevant for the success of promoting the local tourism:

I began rediscovering Moldavia. I loved the climb on the concrete slab road, because i love asphalt and mountain roads. My daughters felt great at Zemeș”, says one of the contestants. Another declares: ”I`ll definitely come back next year to spend more time in the area, with my entire family”.

Words of praise also came from experienced cyclists, with many contests under their belt.

"I`ve been taking part in MTB competitions all around the country for many years, as well as important contests abroad, but I have rarely met such mobilization and coordination. I congratulate the Moinești team for an event organized by the book, at European standards. The fact that I won first place in my age category at Zemeș is already a reason to be twice as happy, because I am confident this contest will become a reference for Romanian cycling", says Marius Ionașcu from Galați – winner of the 45+ category at the 2013 edition of the competition.

Comunități ACTIVE

However, few people know that the top-notch organization is due to the work carried out by Activ Moinești Association volunteers, together with the entire community of Moinești and Zemeș. Locals, from adults to students in local schools, the police, peace officers, medics, firemen, mayors, all joined in to organize what now is a heavily anticipated mountain biking competition in Romania.

The Zemeș competition, scheduled for September 21st, 2014 is much more than just touristic promotion. Community development by means of stimulating local businesses and promoting local entrepreneurs is one of the project`s major goals. Thus, at the same time with the sporting event, ACTIV Moinești will also be organizing the Autumn Fair, meant to promote local manufacturers previously identified through a partnership with the Foundation for Civil Society Development – ”Promoting the Authenticity of the Moinești Area”.

Even though there`s still much to be done, as far as the two communities – Moinești and Zemeș - are concerned, the mountain bike competition proved to be a catalyst for the development of the region. To think that it all started with a ”simple” analysis of existing resources, brought to fruition by only a handful of generous people!

So far, there are 6 CERC (Community Resource Centers) NGOs in areas where the company operates: Schela (Galați county), Suplacu de Barcău (Bihor county), Moinești-Zemeș (Bacău county), Bustuchin (Gorj county), Poboru (Olt county), Băicoi (Prahova county). The organizations are a space of mutual dialogue between a private company and a local community, meant to find solutions for the community’s problems and to generate ideas and projects for its development.