Community involvment report 2013

All the protagonists of this year`s stories are people who proved that IT CAN BE DONE! And people who transformed their daring plans into impactful projects.

We invite you to discover their stories, to team up with them and to become one of the collective author to the common good, through your recommendations and encouragement!

Mariana Gheorghe

Our commitment

2013 was the year when, once again, we said 'It can be done!'.

Courage, initiative, and long-term thinking are the core values of entrepreneurial spirit, the engine to all our actions dedicated to the community.

More than 500 Romanians registered their ideas into the largest social entrepreneurship competition – "Made in Andrei`s Country". After an extensive formation, education and assessment process, 10 social businesses received non-reimbursable grants. The day of the assessment gave me hope that Romania has extraordinary potential and I was glad to have met all the people whom we`ll help become successful entrepreneurs.

We know that the future is built today. This is why we brought more than 12,000 Romanian students closer to the basics of entrepreneurship. We shared the same vision with the local authorities in the communities we conduct business activities.

We tried to turn every interaction into added value. To share knowledge and abilities that may provide us with the ingredients of future success and individual and team performances.

All the energies we gathered around us during all these years brought us last year international recognition when "Andrei`s Country" was nominated as The Best Online Community in Europe, in Berlin (European Digital Awards).

I further invite you to discover some of the people who came up with ideas that change Romania, one step at a time!