Community involvment report 2013

All the protagonists of this year`s stories are people who proved that IT CAN BE DONE! And people who transformed their daring plans into impactful projects.

We invite you to discover their stories, to team up with them and to become one of the collective author to the common good, through your recommendations and encouragement!

A volcano of talent

How the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of a sixth-grade pupil turned into a winning project within „Andrei’s School” competition

When you ask him whether it was the passion for painting or the entrepreneurial spirit he first discovered, Eusebiu Năstăsache – Sebi for friends – a sixth-grade pupil in the Gymnasium School from Scorţoasa, Buzău County, recalls a moment from primary school.

Our teacher taught us how to paint on glass, and took us to a festival that took place at the local cultural centre where we were supposed to paint on glass and then take the paintings home with us. I painted a violet there, but when I went back home, I washed the glass and painted an icon using a stencil. Someone who saw the painting, I cannot remember who it was, told me to go to the volcanoes and sell it. And so I did.

He was successful, so he continued painting icons on glass which he then sold to tourists visiting the muddy volcanoes in Buzău County. „I used to go there everyday with my grandfather, who had some animals there, as we have a small farm. We sold only on Sunday”, says Sebi.

Time passed and Sebi was in the fifth grade when his talent and glass paintings caught the attention of Daniela Pasere, his form teacher. „I discovered by chance his small “business”, and this is how our project idea started”, she says. Sebi’s small „business” was the starting point for the project „"Be better, help your fellow people”, with which his school won 5,000 Euro funding from Petrom, within „Andrei’s School” 2013 competition.

Specifically, the project involves the setting up of a handicraft workshop where pupils learn to create souvenirs (glass paintings, mini-volcanoes, printed bags and T-shirts), which will then be sold to tourists, and the income thus obtained will be used to purchase food products for the elderly people in the community, school supplies for children with a precarious financial status and three computers.

Vulcanul de talent

Daniela Pasere set up the workshop within the school premises, with the help of parents, and equipped it with materials and devices (sewing machines, brushes, paint for the glass paintings, glue, solvent etc.). The children and their teacher also created a website,, where they promote their first products.

We cannot handle large-volume orders, consisting in hundreds of products, we just want to sell them at the volcanoes”, explains Daniela Pasere, who already faced the first difficulties during the implementation of the business. „The man with whom I signed an agreement will not let me use the marketing space any further, however we found another person willing to help us in Pâclele Mici. I spoke with a lady owning a land in the area and she also accepted to let us there.” says the teacher with a firm voice.

For now, children cannot realize the social impact of their project, as they are more focused on production and selling.

We are currently under production, at the end of which we will sell the products and follow up to see their reactions to the social aspect. They know the money goes to support the elderly people and the children, yet are not yet aware of it”, says Daniela Pasere, adding that the last year participation in „Andrei’s Country Summer Camp” played a major role in understanding how a business works. „It was a first contact to the business world, an induction. We learned the steps and stages of a business and we acquired specific knowledge.

For Sebi’s entrepreneurial „career”, the camp was a cornerstone moment:

They all told me in the camp that I was an entrepreneur, even before I knew what this means. The camp changed me, improved my entrepreneurial spirit, I made friends, it made me happier”, he says.

”Be better, help your fellow people” is one of the 10 community projects that won financing for implementation in “Andrei’s School” competition, 2013 edition. Discover all the winning projects here.

Mădălin Blidaru

Mădălin Blidaru


Dear Sebi, you are one of those children who can evolve and change the world. I urge you to follow your artistic calling and also go forward with your initiatives. Step by step, day by day, you will grow ever closer to making your dreams come true. I was impressed by your story and I congratulate you for your faith, determination and talent. I would like you to become the high school student who will fight for his ideas, the person who will improve the community he is living in. You can do it – and the people around you can also lend a hand. Sometimes it may seem difficult, but the satisfaction of work well done, whether it is painting or entrepreneurship, will be a feeling second to none. Follow your passion and be the spark that makes your peers` wishes come to light! Good luck!