Community involvment report 2013

All the protagonists of this year`s stories are people who proved that IT CAN BE DONE! And people who transformed their daring plans into impactful projects.

We invite you to discover their stories, to team up with them and to become one of the collective author to the common good, through your recommendations and encouragement!

Vital equipments

As in other fields of activity, the performance of the Romanian state medical system heavily depends on the amounts allotted to the purchase of the latest equipment and devices.

However, unlike other activities, the performance indicators often represent the number of lives you are able to save. ”It is vital that the civil society invest in new medical equipment which hospitals cannot afford to purchase from the amounts allotted by the National Health Insurance House and the Health Ministry, so that patients gain access to the latest investigation and medical treatment techniques. Under this circumstances, the involvement of civil society, and particularly that of the private sector, through sponsorships, are essential to adequate performance of medical activities”, declare the representatives of the Grigore Alexandrescu Clinical Emergency Hospital for Children – an institution that received a 50,000 Euro sponsorship from Petrom, last year.

With the help of these funds, the hospital managed to purchase a mobile C-Arm Rx device, considered ”absolutely indispensable” – as hospital representatives put it – for emergency surgery on patients with chronic illnesses, and particularly on those with orthopedic emergencies. ”With this device, we can visualize in real time how the osteosynthesis material is introduced, which leads to improved post-op results; in some cases, it allows for minimally invasive techniques, which would not be possible without it. Ever since the purchase, we treated patients with closed fractures, slipped epiphyses, and severe congenital orthopedic malformations”, explains MD Alexandru Ulici, the head of the orthopedic section.


Petrom`s support of the health field mostly consisted in medical and emergency infrastructure investments, but it did not stop there. Last year, the company carried out a vocational training project for oncologists, resident medics, physicians, radiotherapy assistants, and helped provide the required cytostatic drugs for children suffering from cancer and other cancer patients from the Oncology Institute ”Prof. Dr. Alexandru Trestioreanu”. Petrom also supported the Maria Sklodowska-Curie Hospital in Bucharest, in a project to modernize medical appurtenances and purchase equipment for the hospital kitchen. The Neurosurgery Development Support Association received help to purchase specific medical technology used in neurosurgery. Thousands of Euro more were allotted to various other expenses, such as fuel for emergency intervention and public order vehicles in the counties of Ilfov, Prahova, and Argeș.

Petrom`s involvement in the health field is aimed at strengthening medical infrastructure capacity, in order to offer quality services to local Romanian communities.