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Community Involvement Report
- OMV Petrom 2016 -

Here you will find a good deeds collection! We have both ideas and initiatives, but, most of all, we have a big community of people who works and aims for the evolution of Romania.

Come with us! The entrance is free and there is always room for other good deeds!

Education Exposition

Safety and Prevention Exposition


people undertook personal and
professional development trainings


people attended prevention and
safety courses

Educație Siguranță și prevenție

We continued in 2016 to support, in the communities in which we operate, initiatives to prevent school dropout and improve the personal skills of young people.

For the safety of the communities in which we operate we organised medical prevention and emergency response courses for children, teachers and parents.

Community Development Exposition

Volunteering Exposition


euros allocated to 33 community development projects


volunteers involved in OMV Petrom’s projects

Dezvoltare Comunitară Voluntariat

We have responded to the needs of our communities with grants offered in Andrei’s Country competitions for sustainable projects and social businesses, but also within the support of the Community Based Organizations.

Thousands of volunteers have joined passion for environmental, educational, cultural or social actions.

Infrastructure Development Exposition

Environment Exposition


euros allocated for the rehabilitation of 20 public institutions


trees planted

Dezvoltarea Infrasturcturii Mediu

We have rehabilitated and equipped schools, hospitals, playgrounds and parks, day centres and homes for disadvantaged families and we have inaugurated the first air medical helicopter base in Constanța.

We have organized ecology and environmental protection trainings for students and teachers, as well as greening and planting activities.

Cause Related Marketing Exhibition


euros raised for supporting the performance of students

Marketing Legat de o Cauză

From selling products at Petrom filling stations we supported students with outstanding performance from the local communities.